IES Engineering Singapore is proud to be one of the leading supplier for calorifiers/ hot water storage tanks in Singapore. Currently, expanding into different markets that require stainless steel storage tanks for pharmaceutical, food & beverage, marine and manufacturing industry. IES-Rudert is currently the market leader for the supply of Stainless Steel tanks and Calorifiers due to its long standing history of quality German-technology. It is the largest manufacturer of Stainless steel tanks/ Calorifiers in Germany with an annual production of more than 9,000 pieces.

IES Engineering Singapore is competent in providing the following products & services whilst observing safety with utmost priority.
The services include:
• Commercial hot water system installation,
• Design and build compact unit – solar heating system, heat recovery unit (dehumidifier)
• Design and calculation demand for hot water consumption,
• Maintenance services,
• Manufacturing of Calorifier/ Hot water storage tank, mini heat pump system for swimming pool/ jacuzzi,
• Air-sourced/ Water sourced heat pump
• Energy monitoring system,
• Hot water heat recovery system,
• Plate heat exchanger and etc.

Maintenance Service (Monthly, Quarterly & Yearly)
Professional Installation
Design and Calculation Service
Design and Built Compact Unit System
Energy Monitoring System
Hot Water Storage/ Stainless Steel Tank/ Calorifier