Heat Recovery Unit with VFD Inverter

Heat Recovery Unit (HRU) is commonly used in hospitals, industrial, manufacturing and hotels. As energy costs growing each year, with every energy saved during operation, is equivalent to more than a dollar saved tomorrow.

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Product Description

  • • Recovers waste heat for humidity control
  • • Free hot water at perpetually no additional cost (For AHUs, humidity control) and rejected cold water will be converted to other useful energy.
  • • VFD Inverter Technology Driven
  • • Save > 70% energy bills monthly (Efficient and environmentally friendly)
  • • Versatile Usage
  • • Comes with in-house IES-Shelton’s control logic and Carel DDC Controller
  • • Lowest energy consumption with the highest output
  • • Increased system reliability as refrigeration circuit function independently from each other.
  • • The testing and commissioning is carried by qualified engineers and technicians and being the manufacturer, we understand the equipment better and commissioning made simpler.
  • • Made in Singapore


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